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Activities for Students

Here at Canterbury Public School, the teachers work with and support students all day during Learning from Home. The following activities are additional fun learning experiences for outside of school hours when children might be stuck for something to do.

Kids who read, succeed!

Story Box Library 'canterburyps' for access

CPS eLibrary Students access using @education login details

ABC Me mini English lessons

Squiz Kids podcast (subscribe for free)


Maths marvels

Best maths games by Mick Minas

Great collection of maths tasks and resources

Maths games with rich learning opportunities

Mathigon - Tangrams

Mathigon - Polypad

Mathigon - Timeline of Mathematics

Mathigon - Factris (like Tetris with extra maths)

Mathigon - Multiply

Mathigon - Choose your own adventure

Free maths apps

Practise number facts with card games

Maths snacks videos

Practise number facts with card and dice games

ABC Me mini maths lessons

ABC Me MathXplosion

Supporting your child with primary mathematics


Bring the arts home

Sydney Opera House online

Art Gallery of NSW online

Which museum do you want to explore?

Street art with Google Art Project

Listen, play or compose music


Blinded me with science!

Geoscience Australia

All about nature (every Wednesday at 2pm)

Technology for Learning activities

Learn how to code Sign In > Continue with Google > use your account

ABC Me mini science lessons

Science max experiments

Operation Ouch!



Learn to touch type

ABC Education

ABC TV Education

Safety and wellbeing

Care and Connect: I am a student aged 12-18 years

Care and Connect: I am a student aged 8-12 years

Kids helpline

Smiling mind

Feeling all the feels

Mindfulness exercises

eSafety kids

Student Voice

Mindfulness in everyday life

Relaxation techniques


Get moving!

Let's dance!


Yoga for kids

School camps at home

Special Olympics young athletes activity cards

Special Olympics playing for all at home activity cards

Aerobics, yoga and dance lessons