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Purchasing School Uniform

How to order CPS School Uniforms

  • Order and pay online at 
  • Email will be sent confirming payment/order to the email address provided
  • Orders are delivered to the School Office once a week. Returns/exchanges can be sent and returned via the school office with a completed form link here
  • Delivery to an individual's home is also possible for a fee
  • Pickles has a retail outlet at Marrickville:

Pickles Schoolwear Marrickville
Cnr Saywell & Fitzroy St Marrickville.

Monday 9:30am to 5.00pm
Tuesday 9:30am to 5.00pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 9:30am to 6.00pm
Friday 9:30am to 5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm

  • Any returns or issues need to be addressed directly to Pickles. If after speaking with Pickles, your issues are not resolved, please contact the P&C at or the school office who will let the P&C know

Special note. The first batch of the blue polo shirts has an acknowledged fault with the school logo peeling off. These can be returned to Pickles for an exchange, as per the above process by taking it to the store or returning via the school with the return/exchange form. A receipt and proof of purchase is preferred, but not essential, for this issue only.